Playing online slot games with variance

Millions of people around the world play online slot machines today. When playing slots, there is an inherent randomness and volatility involved on each spin. The variance in slot payouts serves as the inherent risk. It determines how frequently and how much the game will pay out. High-variance slots have bigger swings between big wins and losses, while low-variance games provide more stable payouts. However, high variance also brings the potential for bigger wins. Playing real money slots requires understanding variance.

Volatility vs. Hit frequency

Two components make up a slot’s variance – volatility and hit frequency. Volatility refers to the size of payouts on a particular slot game. For example, higher volatility games pay out less frequently, but the wins tend to be bigger when they hit. Lower volatility slots pay out more often, but the win amounts are generally smaller. Hit frequency measures how often a slot pays out. A game with a high hit frequency provides frequent payouts, though the amounts are lower. Slots with lower hit frequency have fewer wins, but the winning spins award larger payouts. An overall game’s variance is influenced by both payout size and frequency.

Types of variance in online slots

All slot games have some degree of variance, which generally be categorized as:

Low variance slots

Games with low variance have more consistent payouts, though smaller amounts. These slots feature higher hit frequency, awarding wins on about 25-35% of spins. While the payouts are modest, you’ll still accumulate smaller wins fairly often. It reduces risk and extends your bankroll. Low variance slots appeal to players who prefer less volatility.

Medium variance slots

Medium or normal variance slots provide a balanced slot experience. The hit frequency and payout sizes offer a nice in-between between low and high-variance games. On average, medium variance slots pay out on 15-25% of spins. The wins vary from small amounts up to 500x the bet size or more. You get a healthy mix of small wins and occasional big payouts.

High variance slots

Games with high variance are characterized by a lower hit frequency, only awarding wins around 5-15% of spins. But when the payouts do hit, they are huge – sometimes over 1,000 your bet size. Playing these slots is exciting, risky, and rewarding. Managing your bankroll is crucial due to infrequency. Variance gives you the highest potential payouts, but also longer dry spells without wins. Visit here, for more information.

Here is how variance impacts bankroll management strategy:

  • Higher variance slots require a bigger bankroll – Their infrequent payouts mean you need to endure more spins between wins. You need sufficient funds to survive those long dry spells.
  • Lower variance slots allow a smaller bankroll – With more frequent payouts, you don’t need as much bankroll cushion. Smaller, consistent wins help replenish your bankroll as you play.
  • Set different bet sizes based on variance – Set smaller bet sizes for higher variance games. Since lower variance slots have lower risk, you can use bigger bets.

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