All the terms used in Baccarat are the essence of the game, because no game can really exist without specific rules. Also check out the Caribbean stud bonuses. Baccarat is no exception to this rule. There are dozens of terms in Baccarat that are important to know.

Here we present the most significant terms. For beginners, there are three betting possibilities in Baccarat:

The player or the banker:

In this case, the first bet (player) is that the player’s hand will be better than that of the banker, the second (banker) is the exact opposite.

In the most frequently used Baccarat terms in จีคลับ, the bank is referred to by different terms such as “banco” or “shooter”. The definition of the house edge is similar to that of other casino games, there is a dealer and cards. The banker is the player who distributes the money in certain games of chance.

Many terms are used in Baccarat:

  • Card – this is a courteous formula addressed to the croupier in order to obtain an additional card
  • Small – this term is used when a player achieves a score of 8
  • Chemin De Fer – variant of Baccarat very popular in Europe. In this variant, the player deals the cards and places the bets.
  • The Great – a score of 9 points.
  • Two Tables or Baccarat Banque – These terms refer to the positions of the player.

There is also a variation of Baccarat called North American Baccarat. You can therefore choose among the 3 versions of Baccarat the one for which you are the most gifted.

In conclusion, doing Baccarat at the end of the game is synonymous with defeat. The term Baccarat means zero and originates from French and Italian. The maximum score to be achieved is 9. Do you want to know more about this game? Our description of Baccarat will provide all the answers to your questions.

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